If You Don't Do These Five Things, Are You Even Feeling Autumnal?

If You Don't Do These Five Things, Are You Even Feeling Autumnal?

Although we're sad to wave goodbye to summer, we must admit we're excited to see the evenings getting darker and that familiar crisp in the air returning. 

If you're anything like us, these five things will give you all those warm and cosy Autumn feels..

1. Crunch Those Autumn Leaves!


Whether you're a toddler, a miniature dachshund or a full-grown adult, none of us can resist that satisfying crunch of leaves underfoot. Autumn provides the perfect excuse to wrap up warm in a cosy new (or rediscovered at the back of your wardrobe) coat and get out to a local park or forest. The choice of a subtle shuffle or a dramatic jump into puddles of leaves is entirely yours!

2. PSL 


Those magical initials. Pumpkin. Spice. Latte. Although Starbucks may be the most well-known retailer of this delicious drink, many local independent cafes have created their take on the autumnal classic and there are plenty of recipes online to help you recreate it at home! Grab one to keep your hands warm on those autumnal strolls or snuggle up at home with a favourite book in a heap of blankets for some PSL TLC. 

3. (More!) Pumpkins

We know, we're a little bit pumpkin-obsessed. Who can blame us when it's such a versatile Autumn staple?! We love it in soup form, as a warming risotto (check out a to-die-for recipe here) and in a classic pumpkin pie. When we aren't stuffing our faces with pumpkin, we're also partial to a spot of pumpkin carving and lantern making too!

4. Pick Your Own Seasonal Fruit

Celebrate Apple Day on 25th September by visiting a local orchard and picking your own. Not in the mood for apples? Not to worry, Pick Your Own Farms has a handy full directory of UK pick your own farms and the fruit on offer at each one. 

5. Gather Round The Campfire

Is it just us or are campfires even cosier when the air is cold and crisp? We really do love a campfire - the warmth! the crackle! the smell! Most of all we love campfires because they cook our favourite treat.. S'mores! 

Gooey giant marshmallows, just-starting-to-melt chocolate, crunchy biscuit, what's not to enjoy? So pack those thermals and head for one last camping trip.. or if you'd rather toast mallows from the comfort of your home, check out our Scottish Campfire S'mores Kit!