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Ethereal Air Plants

Ethereal Air Plant Kit

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Create or gift a beautiful and unique decoration with our Ethereal Air Plant Kit.

Our Ethereal Air Plant Kit contains

  • 1 Tillandsia (Air plant)
  • Lightweight decorative mix in white & gold
  • 2 unique seashells
  • Decorative reindeer moss
  • Miniature glass globe

Our Ethereal Geometric Air Plant Kit contains

1 or 2 unique Tillandsia (Air plant)
1 or 2 geometric hanging decoration with twine
200ml Air Plant Mist

Our ready-to-use 200ml Air Plant Mist is recommended to help you get the best from your Air Plants. When used every 3-4 weeks it will encourage plants to grow and flower. Especially made for Air Plants, the mist is also suitable to use on Bromeliads and Orchids. One 200ml should last for a whole year. 

Our Ethereal Air Plant Kit is presented in a beautiful kraft gift box and includes a step-by-step decorating and care guide, making it an excellent gift for someone special, or as a personal hobby. 

All of our products are imagined, designed and created in Edinburgh, Scotland.

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